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The Secret Island is an easter egg/unused idea in the 1997 game Goldeneye 007. It can only be accessed by way of GameShark.


Orignally, there was going to be a portion of the first level where you would use a boat to go to this island. The island consists of one dud drone gun and another tower. This portion of the level was later scrapped. The boat was removed, but instead of removing the island, it was kept in the level, but it was made, as it was believed to be, unreachable.

How to access it[]

During the Dam level, go to the opposite side of the docks away from the place where you jump off. You can use your sniper rifle zoom to look around. While looking around, you will see an island slightly obscured by fog. Using a GameShark and a "No Clipping" code, you will be able to reach the island.


  • According to CloudVII of, you can paint the island's tower using a sniper rifle and paintball mode.
  • It ranked #8 in YouTube user rabbidluigi's "Top 10 Other Easter Eggs in Video Games."